Thank you for choosing I just called to say… Audio Guest Book! Here are a few details to get you set-up for your special day:

  • What guests can expect – The phone will ring twice, and then guests will hear your pre-recorded greeting. You can say whatever you’d like, from thanking your guests to asking for words of advice. Anything you’d like!
  • Optional remote access – If you choose, we can set up remote access for guests who could not attend your event (or those who weren’t invited) and can call in and leave you a message. We will provide you with a phone number and event code to share with those unable to make your event. You can pre-record a separate greeting for this feature.
  • How to record your greeting(s) – You may record your greetings using any software you like, so long as the final file is sent to us as an MP3. If you do not have a preferred software, we recommend using
  • Additional setup options – We also offer tabletop cards and signage that can be placed on/around the Audio Guest Book to remind your guests to use the phone and leave a message. We can also provide signage with remote access information for guests to share with other friends and family.
  • Additional information – We do not edit your messages; you will receive them just as your guests recorded them. There is no limit on the number of messages that can be left. If you have any other questions, concerns, or ideas for how we can improve, please let us know!
  • Equipment setup – The phone and/or booth will be set up prior to your event start time and will be available for guests to use for the entire duration of the event. We will discuss beforehand the best location for the phone/booth. The Audio Guest Book does not require any phone lines, electricity, or Wi-Fi to run. Everything will be run on our battery source.
  • Receiving your Audio Guest Book – Your messages can be downloaded to a vinyl record, CD, cassette tape, or sent as MP3/MP4 files. If you choose to receive your guest book as an MP4, we will need one photo to attach to the audio recordings. The MP4 file is a video format that will play the messages on top of the photo you provide. We are happy to discuss these options and find the right one for you!
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