Having an audio guest book at a funeral home offers a unique way to preserve heartfelt messages from loved ones.
Even if your friends and family are unable to attend, they can call and leave their condolences from their own home.
This unique guest book provides a way to cherish memories forever.


1.Pick up the phone

2. The phone will ring twice

3. Listen to a prerecorded message left by the family

4. Wait for the beep, and record your message 

The recorded message will be shared with the family after the service
Here are some advantages of having an audio guest book:

Personal & Emotional Connection:

Hearing the voices of loved ones can be deeply comforting and create a stronger sense of connection, especially during a difficult time like a funeral.

Lasting Memories:

Unlike written messages, audio recordings capture the tone, inflection, and nuances of speech, preserving the personality and essence of the person leaving the message.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

An audio guest book offers accessibility to people of all ages and abilities. It allows individuals who may have difficulty writing or reading to participate in sharing their condolences or memories.

Convenience and Efficiency:

Audio recordings can be a timesaving alternative to writing lengthy messages. Friends and family that are unable to attend the wake or funeral can call a phone number and enter a code and will be able to leave a message.

Flexibility and Privacy:

An audio guest book provides a more private and intimate way for attendees to express themselves. People can record their messages in a designated space, ensuring their privacy and allowing them to speak freely.

Enhanced Funeral Experience:

The audio guest book encourages active participation and engagement, providing a meaningful activity that honors the life of the deceased. It can also create a sense of community and support as people listen to and share their stories and condolences

Archival Purposes:

Audio recordings can be digitally stored and preserved for future generations. They become a part of the family’s legacy, allowing future family members to hear the voices and stories of their ancestors. This archival feature ensures that the memories and messages shared during the funeral are preserved for years to come.

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